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When I started this blog four years ago today, I wanted to share stories of my research, of ancestors discovered and places visited. So I did.

It was great to look back over the past year to remember the discoveries and highlights, and like the year before, I hope to spend the next few months telling the stories of those finds. Except, I didn’t do that last year!

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I have left so many stories untold. I’m not sure if I am waiting for “more time” to do a “better job”. That day will never come! Sometimes “good enough” is better than not at all.

So if you haven’t started a blog, or a family history, or writing your autobiography, just get writing. There will never be enough time, and you will never write as well as you would like. So, jump right in, the water’s warm and inviting.

And don’t forget to join the Geneabloggers community for lots of support and inspiration!


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  1. Blogiversary Greetings.

    Hear, hear.
    The fab thing about blog posts is that they are dynamic – we can get something, anything down and go back and edit and embellish it at a later date.

    • Maggie

      That is true, Jill. Not that I want to go back and fix all my old posts 😀 but wee changes and amendments can always be made – they’re not set in stone.

  2. garry reed

    hi, I’m trying to find information regarding my great grandmother Sarah Ann Berry/Champion, family rumour is she had an affair with a well known Maori King/Chief in the Waimate area, Around 1890/1891 when she gave birth to my grandmother, Alice Maude Berry. Can anyone verify this rumour as true or not, as I have hit a brick wall researching my ancestry.

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