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Golden, or Diamond Anniversary? ~ Wedding Wednesday

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On the occasion of John and Hanorah's wedding anniversary, Temuka, South Canterbury

On the occasion of John and Hanorah's wedding anniversary, Temuka, South Canterbury, NZ

The caption on the frame containing this photo says the occasion for the gathering was John Brosnahan and Hanorah O’Driscoll’s Golden Wedding anniversary.  John and Hanorah were married on March 31st, 1865 in Christchurch, NZ.1  This would date the photograph to 1915.  But the clothes don’t seem to match the period – just looking at the women’s hats, for instance, and checking my (new!) book by dress historian Jayne Shrimpton, they appear to be from the mid 1920s.  So, my guess is the occasion is their 60th (or Diamond) wedding anniversary, which would have been in 1925.  What do you readers think??

John and Hanorah Brosnahan (both seated)

John and Hanorah Brosnahan (both seated)

Taking a closer look at the photo, John is seated with his walking stick across him, and wife Hanorah is the woman seated on the right.  Behind John, with her hand on his chair, is his sister (my great great grandmother) Margaret.  On Margaret’s right is their sister Annie (“the Queen”).

The photograph was taken outside the Brosnahans’ house in Wilkin Street, which still stands today, though many of the external character features seem to have been removed.

Brosnahan home, Wilkin Street, Temuka, South Canterbury, NZ

Former Brosnahan home, Wilkin Street, Temuka, South Canterbury, NZ (Google map image)

Wedding Wednesday is an ongoing series at GeneaBloggers.

  1. New Zealand, marriage certificate for John Brosnahan and Hannah Driscole [O’Driscoll],31 Mar 1865, Catholic Church, Christchurch, 1865/7579, NZ Births, Deaths & Marriages.
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A Temuka wedding ~ 1896


Caught on camera (and in caption) ~ the Brosnahan boys


  1. Queen Bee

    This is a wonderful family group picture. I also think this picture was taken in the 1920s from the clothes they are wearing. It’s fun to see the picture of the house then and today.

  2. Chrs Brosnahan

    This photo of the 60th wedding anniversary has in it my father Charles, grandfather Michael, and great grandfather John. My father, born 1911, is the 14 year old leaning against the post with a open white shirt. My grandfather is the person at the furtherest right of the people standing on the verandah and his wife Catherine ( née Goggin ) my grandmother, is to his left. Margaret Gaffney is standing behind John to his right and next to her standing is John’s sister Annie. Susan Gaffney is to the left of Cathrine. We have this photo with nearly all the names identified and verified by my father before he died in 1994.

    • Maggie

      Thanks for commmenting, Chris! I now have a copy of Marie Greaney’s list of names to go with this photo, and it would be great to compare notes.

  3. Brent McLaren

    My name is Brent McLaren and I have purchased the house 2018. I think the photo is fantastic as it gives me an insight of what it used to look like. I am at present painting the house, of which i am almost finished. The detail of the house depicted in the photo provides me the opportunity to bring back the detail of the house. I will give the house it’s character back. I would love someone to take a photo of the house when I am finished.

    Funny fact: I played rugby with Phillip Brosnahan, maybe a relative.

    • Maggie

      I will definitely be keen to come and take a photo, Brent! How marvellous you have bought the house, and I’m thrilled you are interested in its history. Phillip must be a relation, surely? 😀
      – Maggie

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