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West Yorkshire research trip Part 1

I have spent the last four days in West Yorkshire, visiting places that are connected with my great grandmother, Elsie Nunns. She was born in 1896, in Rothwell, which is where I began my search.

At this point in the post, I was hoping to wax lyrical about the marvellous folk at the Rothwell Arts and Heritage Centre, of how helpful and friendly they were. In fact, they may well be all those things – I just didnt meet them. I had found the Centres details via Google, carefully noting down the address and opening hours from the website. When I arrived in Rothwell on Monday morning, I tried plugging in the Centres address into my satnav, but it couldnt find it. Well, not in Rothwell, West Yorkshire. But if I fancied a two hour drive, I would find it in Rothwell, Kettering.

Not the best start to my trip! Luckily I found the local library, with some very helpful staff members, and I managed to get photocopies of some old Ordnance Survey maps of the area, which I needed in order to find some of the addresses my ancestors had lived at. With my three research assistants tagging along, I had little time to sit and pore over old maps, so it was a quick copy job and I was out of there. I had enough information to get by with for the next few days.


On the road


Holy Trinity Church, Rothwell, Yorkshire ~ Wordless Wednesday


  1. Joel

    How interesting! My family, the Foxs, have come from Rothwell, and I found your site whilst looking for images of Cross Terrace, where my great-grandfather Edwin Fox lived in the 1950s.

    • Maggie

      Hi Joel, thanks for commenting! I’m wondering if our families are connected – my 5 x great grandparents were Samuel Nunns and Elizabeth Fox. Elizabeth was born in 1801 in Carlton, Rothwell. Any relation of yours?

  2. Anita fox

    I live in Rothwell just behind Cross Terrace, and have a Fox family tree going back to the 1700. Originally the family were from Alverthorpe before settling Carleton and then Rothwell.

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