Here I am, wrapped up in a duvet in front of a gas fire, glass of Kiwi sauvignon blanc in hand, listening to the rain beating down on the caravan roof… yes, its the great British summer holiday.

Im typing this post on my shiny brand new birthday present – a portable Bluetooth keyboard for my iPhone. Loving it!! (Its a US style keyboard, so hopefully I wont ever have to type a pound sign while travelling.)

Just as we were leaving for our holiday, the postman arrived with a probate file Id requested from Archives New Zealand. Naturally I had to bring it with me, and its made fascinating reading.

Ive a stack of books that Ive brought with me to read – hopefully Ill get a chance to read most, if not all, of them. Currently on the go is Michael Fosters A Comedy of Errors or The Marriage Records of England and Wales 1837 – 1899.

If the weather is kind tomorrow, were off to Conwy Castle. In the meantime, Im hoping the iPhone WordPress app lets me post this

ETA: it seems all my apostrophes have disappeared… arrrrgh!!