This is the current state of my filing system (and I use the term “system” very loosely).

Filing mountain

Filing mountain

I have been so busy researching, making exciting discoveries, ordering certificates, and printing out census and electoral roll images, that I’ve neglected my hard copy filing, and also inputting all the data into Reunion (my genealogy software program). Something must be done!

Other things on the go at the minute:

  • Yorkshire and Suffolk field trips coming up in August
  • Opportunity for some Dublin research at the end of August
  • The seemingly never-ending biography of my paternal grandfather,  my assignment work
  • Possibility of attending a family reunion in New Zealand next January

In short, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. And I had great plans today to tackle lots of sorting and filing and citing and generally being a Miss Genie Goody Two Shoes.  Then I posted a query on the Trade Me Genealogy forum, hoping to figure out a puzzle that’s been bugging me.  But once I’d posted my query, I couldn’t let it rest – I started digging around in electoral rolls and NZ BDM records, and before I knew it, several hours had passed.

So, the mountain of filing is still there, waiting.  Perhaps I’ll have a Sorting Sunday instead?

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