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Why did I not inherit this? ~ Wordless Wednesday


Margaret O'Rourke, great grandmother (date unknown)

Margaret O'Rourke, great grandmother (date unknown)

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    • Maggie

      I think she knew it too – there are a TON of photos of her and her hair 😀

  1. Hello: I have just discovered your blog and I love Margaret’s hair.

    Do you know much about the O’Rourke line. My great grandfather’s name was Patrick O’Rourke. He was born in 1852 in Ireland (I have never established which county although his death certificate said Limerick) I have searched the records and not found him in Limerick. In 1872 he emigrated to Pennsylvania USA. He also had a brother James and a sister Mary O’Rourke Rogan, they all lived in Pennsylvania.

    In Marys obituary it listed her father as Denis O’Rourke and his wife Mary. Also mentioned a sister Mrs. William Collins of Limerick. My question is do my O’Rourkes match anyone in your tree. The name is not very common and I would be glad to hear from you if they do match.


    • Maggie

      Claudia, I have seen records of a Denis O’Rourke within the same parish as my O’Rourkes, but not on my family tree (as yet!), and this is in Killeentierna parish in Co. Kerry. I will take another look at the records and see if I can find a Denis and Mary.

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