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Off to Staffordshire, so no ~ Sorting Saturday

We’re taking the kids off to a theme park in Staffordshire.  I am hoping we’ll get up there in time tomorrow to visit the Black Country Living Museum, but it depends on how organised we are in the morning (ie. what time we leave!)

Today I’ve been trying to follow up a Staffordshire ancestor.  Unfortunately, all I know is that he was born around 1831 in Staffordshire.   Nothing else.  I’ve been checking census records, determining which George Tunn[e|i]cliff[e] was born around the right time, and then disappeared off the face of the earth, according to the England census records, and emigrated to New Zealand in 1857.

I have one likely suspect, born in Checkley, Staffordshire.  I wonder if I can wangle a little detour there?


Percy Luxton ~ Wordless Wednesday


Percy again ~ Wordless Wednesday


  1. Sandra Fuller

    I think your ancestor was my great great grandfather’s brother. My ancestor was Francis Nathaniel Tunnecliff who died in Melbourne in 1885. Another brother, Edward Phillips Tunnecliff died in Ballarat, Victoria in 1897. Their parents were William and Louisa, nee Phillips, and they were baptised in Checkley, Staffordshire. Francis had already left home by 1851. I’m interested in finding out about George’s descendants in NZ – from his marriage to Elizabeth Barber.

    • Maggie

      Hi Sandra, thanks for stopping by – it would be great to identify my George’s family in Staffordshire! Sounds like all the brothers were keen to emigrate. George is my 3 x great grandfather – I’ll email you with details of his descendants.

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